Personal Financial Literacy Resources

Wisconsin-Based Resources

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Available Resources

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National Institute of Financial and Economic Literacy (NIFEL)

Three weeks of professional development for teachers each summer. Offered at Edgewood College, Madison.

Sponsored by Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, Wisconsin Jumpstart Coalition, and CBM Credit Education Foundation


Centers for Economic Education
*Extensive Teacher Resources

Stock Market Simulation

Spearheads MoneySmart Week activities

Excellence in Teaching Economics and Financial Literacy Awards for Teachers

Professional Development each fall for Economics and Personal Finance educators

Youth Enterprise Academy

Economics for Opinion Leaders

Wisconsin Council on Economic Education
7635 W. Bluemound Road, Suite 106
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53213

Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy

Innovative Awards Program grants

Wisconsin Financial Literacy Report

Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions
345 W Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53703

Educational Communications Board

Financial Literacy: Teach It! website

Money Moments for parents website
Browse ECB’s Program Search for media for schools

Department of Financial Institutions

MoneySmart Week Activities

Financial Literacy Resource Center

Office of Financial Literacy
David Mancl
PO Box 8041
Madison WI 53708-8041

Wisconsin Jump$tart Coalition

Speakers for the classroom
Support for financial literacy



Encourages 8th through 10th graders to prepare for college. Financial aid information is provided.

Asset Builders of America

Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl

Lifetime Returns Calculator

Money Conferences around the state

Academy of Finance for Students during summer

Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU)

Workshops for teachers, as well as students

Student Access Center

122 W. Washington Ave, Suite 700
Madison, WI 53703-2723

Wisconsin Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (WAFSAA)

Fall workshops on updates in the student financial aid process

Information on completing the FAFSA

Junior Achievement of Wisconsin (JA)

Curriculum, community leaders, and educators working together to prepare for real world activities

JA Finance Park in Milwaukee Area


Wisconsin Educational Opportunities Program (WEOP)

TRIO and GEAR UP programs (early intervention and awareness of college programs to low-income students)

TIP Grants

College Goal Wisconsin (workshops to families for assistance in filling out the FAFSA form)

Wisconsin Foundation for Independent Colleges

College Readiness 21 program (assists low-income, first generation, and minority youth in accessing college)

Admission Possible

After-school program in Milwaukee for low-income students preparing for college and going through the admission process

Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation (GLHEC)

Money 411, college planning, and financial aid workshops presented through Next Stop College, the Wisconsin College Access Challenge Grant program

Workshop materials to download: PowerPoints on college planning and financial aid with detailed speaker notes, handouts, and promotional flyers

Financial IQ®, an award-winning financial literacy micro-site within

Higher Education Aids Board

Multiple grant programs

Online resources for scholarships, grants, loans

Make a Difference Wisconsin

Speakers for the classroom, support for teachers, lesson plans

Wisconsin Institute for Certified Public Accountants

Feed the Pig Elementary Curriculum

Classroom Speakers

Database of Reality Store Dates across the state

Accounting/finance resources

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy Curriculum

Classroom grants

UW-Madison Center for Financial Security

Family Financial Security Webinar Series

Financial Security Working Papers and Practitioner Briefs

Financial Coaching Strategies

Local and National Financial Security Events

Archived Newsletter, Podcasts and Presentations

Your Money Tools and Resources

Federal Reserve System

Federal Reserve History

Federal Reserve Education Tools 

Educational Tools


FiftyNifty Econ Flash Cards (and other games) 




Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City 

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Education


Financial Fables


Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City for Educators





Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Education Resources


Barbie in the Workforce

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago



Econ for the Classroom


Econ Explorers Workbook


Virtual Money Museum






Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis



Teaching Aids


Our Money Teaching Unit


What is a Dollar Worth?








Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco



What is the Fed?



Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Classroom resources


Building Wealth



Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta



Lesson and activities


Using movie clips in the economics classroom





Federal Reserve Bank of New York



Federal Reserve in the 21st Century


Financial Games






Federal Reserve Bank of Boston



Peanuts and Cracker Jacks


Show Business: The Economics of Entertainment






Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond



Lesson Plans and Activities


Interactive Games





Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia



Symbols on American Money


Lesson Plans (especially using children's literature)


Keys to Financial Success




Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Learning Center/Education


Online Games


Escape from Barter Island


Free Fed in the Classroom Monthly Video Conferencing








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